BellaWest Organic Salon

We are an organic hair color salon. We carry Organic Way biodynamic , fair trade , cruelty free , vegan hair care products. 

Laura West   Owner/ Stylist /Aromatherapist

Laura has been at forefront of the holistic beauty movement. When she founded BellaWest in 2009 there were only a handful of salons like hers in the US. Today she is pleased to see that the movement is growing and that the beauty industry is changing for the better.

Whether behind the chair, recording her Holistic Beauty podcast show or through her postings on social media Laura is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is a certified organic colorist , a master aromatherapist as well as a talented stylist.


Sussi Hylen  Stylist / Esthetician / Cosmetology Instructor

Sussi received  her initial training in Sweden. In addition to working in salons she went on to do hair and makeup at a local TV station , musicals and various hair and fashion shows.

Sussi moved to the US bringing with her creative talent , industry knowledge and a passion for holistic beauty. She is a certified organic colorist, an expert in highlighting  and cutting and  she offers pure natural henna treatments.